"I am so happy I met Eden! I signed up to take a class with my 10 year old lab in order to refresh commands along with introduce agility. Eden was so knowledgeable in her different techniques of training based upon the individual dog’s behavior. She created a fun class environment which helped me bond more with my dog. I can’t wait to sign up for the next class!!"
~ Geri-Lyn

"I want to tell everyone how great you are with all the dogs and the owner... especially the owners. In our first class Grumpy Growlies, I saw you very lovingly make suggestions when a dog needed support or love for doing a good job. You are excellent with my dog Bud... never did I ever think he would be able to do agility training... nor myself. But with your gentle guidance you got us both out there and Buddy was a ROCK STAR! You are very patient with reactive dogs and have a incredible intuition on how to handle them in the midst of other dogs. I loved the class and intend to come to your new digs for some more training and fun!!!!!"
~ Katharine and Bud

"Congratulations and best wishes on your new endeavor! WE have enjoyed all our classes with you! I am glad you will also remain with NHSPCA as It would be a loss for them if you left completely."
~ Vicki & Josie Orkin

"You are a great teacher of people and dogs.   You see the positive in every dog (and us people) and help us relate to our dogs lovingly, even through difficult times. I always leave your classes feeling like I've learned a lot.  Thank you. Mose is doing great and we will be seeing you in the future."
 ~Susan and Mark Faretra and Mose

"Eden Guilbault has been such an asset in helping us build confidence in our dog, Buddha.  Buddha was a rescue dog from the south that had experienced abuse and neglect, which instilled many emotional issues and insecurities. Buddha has fear aggression towards strangers and is very skittish around objects that he is not familiar with.   We have tried several dog trainers before finally meeting Eden, and within our first training session with Eden, we knew that she was a perfect fit for Buddha’s rehabilitation.  

Eden is extremely educated in canine behavioral training and she works with dog owners to ensure that they understand the reasoning behind their dog’s particular behaviors.  She offered us one-on-one classes as well as group classes, which were focused on positive reinforcement and confidence building.  Eden has helped give Buddha a better life and has given us the tools that are necessary for managing his insecurities. Eden genuinely has a real passion for animals, especially for dogs with unique needs (e.g., fear, aggression, lack of confidence, separation anxiety). This passion is clearly reflected in her own home; she has also adopted many dogs that have special needs. This gives her a unique insight and the ability to really empathize with clients about the benefits and challenges that can come from having a dog that needs a little more attention and time. I would highly recommend Eden to any dog owner that is looking to enhance their knowledge of their dog. "
~Troy and Sidney

"I first met Eden Guilbault when I registered my golden retriever puppy, Chessie, for the class she taught at the SPCA.  Never having had dog before and being a little bit nervous about what to expect, I was immediately put at ease by Eden's positive, welcoming, and friendly manner with all of the dogs and people in the class.  She clearly loved working with both people and dogs.  She was wonderful at explaining each step of the training process and the reasons behind each part of the training  as we moved through sessions with our dogs ranging from sit, stay, heel, and then some light agility and puppy play time.  With positive reinforcement, treats, and praise, all modeled by Eden, we learned to work with our puppies to provide them with clear expectations in a fun environment.  This was extremely beneficial to both me and to Chessie, and I was able to take what I had learned in Eden's class and put it to use in our everyday life. 

Three years later, when looking for a fun activity to do with my three-year-old Chessie, I turned to the SPCA again in search of another type of class.  Happy to discover that Eden was still teaching classes, I signed up for a class on nose work which was offered at a location a little closer to my home.  Again, I was immediately greeted by Eden's smiling face, and I was reminded of her positive bubbly demeanor and enthusiasm.  Again, the course was fun for the people and dogs, laid out with clear expectations, and supported by her every step of the way.  She used great creativity to set up interesting courses for the dogs, and the games that we played helped them to hone their sniffing skills while giving us a fun chance to work with our dogs and develop stronger working bonds.

In addition to these group classes, I also feel extremely fortunate to have had Eden's help at my home in a one on one session.  While Chessie is generally very good natured and obedient, I was having difficulty with her jumping and biting at the leash during some of our walks and runs together.  This was a behavior that had started when she was a puppy and that never really went away.  It had begun to escalate, and it was causing me some great frustration.  I contacted Eden to see if she could help.  She was very willing to come to my home and to work with us right in our regular setting.  I explained the difficulties that we were having, and then we headed out the door to recreate the problematic situation.  As I ran up the road with Chessie, Eden very good-naturedly ran behind us to watch what would happen.  She immediately identified the patterns that lead to Chessie having a tantrum, or to turn into a "cujo-ette," as she coined.  With a great sense of humor and clear insights, Eden was able to explain why she thought Chessie was exhibiting the behavior, what I should look for to avoid triggering it, and how I could manage it instead and redirect Chessie to a positive behavior.  Eden was able to help me take a very frustrating situation and provide me with some great steps to improve it.  This has worked out very well for me and Chessie, and I have found that following Eden's advice has lead to much happier walks and runs!

Again, I have been so fortunate to have met Eden, and even in these brief interactions, she has been so influential in helping me to train Chessie and to teach me how to be a good human to my dog!  I would not hesitate to call on her help again, because I know that we would be met with the same enthusiasm, patience, clarity, and true desire to help!"
~Sarah and Chessie

"My husband and I would like to update you on Kuma and her behavior.  She is really settled and calm now on every walk.  She used to have the problem of fixating on a dog at a distance and then bolting to the dog first.  She usually had no aggression, but sometimes if the other dog reacted to her, a brief display of aggression would occur.  A few major fights happened when the other dog was extremely reactive. 

I had attended your basic training class years ago when we first brought Kuma home from the ASPCA.  She was very scared and submissive at that time.  After getting comfortable, and gaining some confidence, she became overly dominant and aggressive with territory.  My husband agreed we needed more help and training with her after she got in 3 fights in about 2 weeks time while he was walking her.  

The training was so helpful to us, but especially to my husband.  You are so good with reading the dogs and pointing out to us how they are acting and what they need.  The training really helped my husband because he had never gone thru that and now we both know exactly how to deal with her, and what to watch for.      She sniffs and tracks so much more on our walks now and if we see a dog in the distance she looks, pauses, but then walks with me when I tell her and doesn’t bolt forward anymore.  We have had no hostile encounters and she has not tried to dominate any other dogs.   I hope I see you and your little gang in the park  again sometime.

Thank you so much for your help! It is amazing to me how just a few sessions make a world of difference."
~ Wayne and Luanne King

Knowledgeable, professional, supportive and understanding whether it be in the classroom, out and about or in one on one consultation, Eden Guilbault is as great with pet owners as she is with their pets.  In 2009 we were first time dog owners and blessed with a puppy diagnosed with an uncommon neurological condition. A happy healthy girl 99% of the time, her condition is not life threatening nor is she aggressive in any way. When I looked for obedience and socialization opportunities for her, we were told by 3 separate facilities we were not welcome because she was a distraction.

Assuming I would receive the same answer at the NHSPCA, I called ahead and spoke with Eden. Her response when I asked if we could enroll our puppy in obedience was “Absolutely!” Once you know Eden you will see that positive, exuberant attitude is who she is and it is the passion that drives her work. At our first class, Eden spent some time educating everyone there on Molly’s condition and had plans in place to limit her stimuli to ensure she had as successful of an experience as she could.  Because of Eden’s willingness to support us, Molly went on to finish all her obedience classes, did a little Nose Work & Agility, was a Roving Rover and passed her AKC Canine Good Citizen test. I now have a well-trained, socialized, go anywhere and do anything Westie and I owe much of that to Eden.

Six years and a whole houseful of dogs later, we’ve done everything from Puppy Play to Grumpy Growlies and every class has been a positive, successful experience. Information requests and questions are handled in a timely manner and responded to in an easy to understand way. Most recently, my request for a phone consult was handled immediately and professionally. Eden spent the time necessary to make sure I really understood her observations of my dog’s behavior and was empathetic to my emotional state at the same time.  I am so thankful I took that final last try in 2009 and called Eden. I am by far a better dog owner than I might have been and consequently, my dogs are better off for knowing her and training with her.

~ Aileen Ramsey